Hemp Products and Uses


Very few people can tell the difference between marijuana plant and hemp plant because they are different.  Although hemp and marijuana plant the same family, the hemp plant is taller than marijuana plant. Compared to the marijuana plant, the hemp plant does not need a lot of care because it can be grown in different conditions. The other differentiating factor between marijuana plant and the hemp plant is that it grows quickly and easily compared to the growth rate of the marijuana plant. The use of hemp plant has been for decades and therefore doesn’t history.  Given below are some of the hemp products that should be aware of.

One of the products of the hemp plant is the human food. There are a variety of human that is made from the hemp plant is the hemp seeds which are known for their nutritious value in mostly used by vegetarians and athletes because it tells fibers that can enable easy digestion and also contains fatty acids with the help of curing those suffering from human deficiency the diseases.  The other example of human food that can be made from the hemp plant is the hemp seed oil which is known to have skin care properties, vitamin A and E, properties that promote healthy hair and nails and also contains omega-3 and six.   The list of the human foods from the hemp plant is endless; for example, the healthy flavored water, burgers, energy bars, protein powder, hemp seed butter, hemp milk, coffee, hemp tea to name but a few.  The human foods are available in both the online stores and the physical stores and temperatures from any, view here for more facts!

Hemp plant is also known for making construction materials.  When constructing a home, the use of hemp construction materials of the best because, they have I resistant to bad weather and also damages due to bad weather and therefore they are durable compared to other materials because you made of strong fibers for example of such product is the cement.  The petroleum industry has embraced the use of hemp plant because fuel can be made out of the hemp plant and therefore the petroleum industry can use the fuel in making other petroleum products. Check out this website at http://www.ehow.com/about_5094925_hemp-oil.html and know more about hemp oil.

The hemp plant is also known for producing body lotions and oil. The hemp plant contains some properties that are used to moisturize the skin preventing it from cracking, and that is why it is used to make the body lotions and oil to nourish the skin.  Industries that make clothing also utilized the hemp plant because the contains fibers that are strong for example, it can be used to make the sports clothing and also jeans.On this product is available both from online stores and physical stores. Click here to read more!

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